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About us

We Live Art

Not just on the skin, but on the way to creating your personal motif.

We have been operating in Ibiza since 2000.

Whoever enters Ibiza-Tattoo-Art-Studio immediately feels the inviting and artistic flair of the tattoo and piercing studio in Ibiza.

We offer the latest standard and comply with all hygiene regulations. A friendly, competent advice is a matter of course.

Cover ups are also often in demand and we would be happy to advise you on how to freshen up your old tattoo, improve it or have a new one. There is (as good as) nothing that we cannot outgrow.

Hand and foot tattoos are also very popular.

Whether traditional, mandala, Maori or dot work. Everything is possible. Find out what your style is. We are happy to help you.

Kati's particularly fine stitching techniques and lines stand out in your cover-ups as well as in realistic work.

The tattoo can be a sign of connection and belonging. It serves as jewelery or as an expression of a feeling or an attitude to life.

However, we see the highest priority as the clean and precise work, regardless of whether it is a small or a large-scale project. Only certified and tested color pigments according to the latest EU standard are used for tattoos. We work with sterile single-use products in accordance with the Medical Devices Act to prevent cross-contamination. These are disposed of immediately after use.

In addition, we work in a separate room without public traffic, so that the privacy of all customers is guaranteed.

In any case, for us, quality comes before quantity and that not only applies to compliance with all hygiene standards (not only during Covid 19 times), but also to the precise execution of the piercing. As far as the choice of motif for tattoos and the stinging of piercings is concerned, anything that pleases is allowed in our Ibiza-Tattoo-Art-Studio. Of course, we advise all customers individually and in detail.

We have a large selection of styles and motifs, but your own creations are also very welcome. Individuality is wonderful!

We offer professional piercing, permanent make-up, Henna, Body & Face Painting.

We also train tattoo artists. We offer courses for beginners and advanced learners. Many local tattoo artists from Ibiza have already trained with us. We look forward to your visit and hope that your new tattoo or piercing is a wonderful memory of your time in Ibiza.

Come in and find out!

Open every day from 11:00 - 22:00

What We Do

We work with our own sketches as well we can perform a work using yours.
Our tattoo shop specializes in quality and durable tattoo

Where We Are

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